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LoanMod HelpCenter helps homeowners just like you everyday with loan modification and homeowners related services. And best of all, there are no up front fees for our services so you having nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Helping Homeowners with no upfront fees...

At Loan Mod Help Center we understand that getting help regarding your home mortgage can be scary and in many cases costly. At LMHC we remove the risk because we don't collect any fees until after we complete the service.

In the past, many loan modification companies started using attorneys to circumvent the laws that were passed allowing them to charge upfront fees. Others will charge for checkpoints, or stages reached, or simply continue to charge upfront fees and hope they do not get caught. Since LMHC makes no money until the service is complete, we have all the incentive in the world to complete the process as soon as possible. We are proud to be 100% MARS (Mortgage assistance relief services) and FTC compliant. Learn more about LMHC

Take advantage of the FREE Income and Property Analysis to see where you stand. Why not? It's Free. In the rare event that you don't qualify we will help by pointing you in the right direction to possibly fix your situation.

Stop a Foreclosure Sale

If you need to postpone a pending trustee sale on your home, don't file bankruptcy if you don't have to! We can stop the sale of your home in most cases without bankruptcy.

Already have a sale date? Call now… (877) 663-4392.

Loan Modification

Whether you are thinking of applying or are one of the millions that are endlessly waiting, we have the knowledge and servicer relationships to help you get your modification as quickly as possible.

2nd Lien/HELOC Settlement

Lien strips are now possible without filing for bankruptcy.


Suffering a harship and just need some time to get back on your feet?

Short Sale

Unfortunately, there are situations where a short sale is the best option.

Online 24/7 Account Access

Regular email updates, upload docs, watch the progress of on your account and more from any computer.

Will This Benefit You?

Our services are for any homeowners that are experiencing a hardship. Find out if you qualify with our FREE Income and Property analysis.

Do I Really Pay Nothing Upfront?

Absolutely! All of our services are billed after we have completed them. That means that if you don't receive your loan modification, you pay nothing!

Get stared now with a free Income and Property Analysis.
It's the easiest way to determine what you qualify for and what your options are.

Give us your docs and we'll do the rest!

Qualification & Account Setup

Our qualification engine will let us (and you) know if you qualify for the service you are requesting and, unlike our competitors, we will let you know if your not qualified and what other options you have.

Data & Document Collection

We make it easy! From the start we will supply you with a detailed checklist with everything we need to submit your package. You can even upload docs directly to your account 24hrs a day.

Package & Bank Submission

Once you have supplied the requested documentation, we start working with your bank to get accurate information regarding your mortgage. We then complete your balanced and solvent budget, assemble your package and then submit it to your bank.

Sit Back and Relax!

We diligently work with everyone involved to ensure that the entire process is smooth until you have received your loan modification. We also send out weekly updates so you can see exactly what is being done and how things are progressing.
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